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Creating Great Smiles with Simple Invisible Orthodontics

Our clear brace orthodontic treatment really give you something to smile about. We utilise the recent advances in cosmetic orthodontic techniques of clear plastic aligners – a much easier to tolerate and less obvious mode of treatment that is an affordable and reliable way of correcting common problems and improving the alignment of the anterior (front) teeth.

Orthodontic Clear Braces

It is possible to improve appearance and symmetry by reducing crowding, closing gaps and straightening teeth. This is achieved very simply by wearing removable clear plastic aligners until the desired arrangement is achieved. No fuss, no wires and easy maintenance.

Achieving the Results You Desire

The aligners are changed every 3 to 4 weeks until the final result is achieved. Each aligner works to move from the current position to the desired position. Once the projected positioning is achieved, a retainer is required. This may be either permanently attached to the back of the teeth ('fixed' retainer) or it may be similar to the aligners - a “removable” retainer – which has to be worn every night to maintain the final result. In both cases, they must be used for life to prevent the teeth from drifting again.

We do not offer the currently high profile fast fix braces as we do not believe it advisable to have a one appliance fits all approach within a constrained time, typically 6 months. Not only is it not possible to have different people react the same way to these systems, the outcomes cannot always be sustainably achieved for everyone within the set timeframe.

The C-Thru system does not require the use of traditional wire & bracket braces and is hardly noticeable as a result, hence the tremendous rise in public demand. It is aimed at short to medium term cosmetic alignment of the anterior teeth only. By having strict parameters of function, the clear aligner system is conservative in scope and very safe, achieving successful outcomes and satisfied patients in most cases. For more complex cases, e.g. developmental or skeletal issues, rotated and severely tilted teeth, occlusal issues, etc, we refer to one of two excellent local specialist orthodontic clinics.

Patients are usually concerned about the length of treatment and the cost, as orthodontics have traditionally been very expensive. However, the new revolution in using computer models allied to plastic aligners has resulted in treatment prices from £800 to £3500, with treatment times from 3 months to 12-15 maximum.

Call and make a consultation appointment to see what is possible to improve your smile – we can organise a laboratory report that illustrates the final result achievable and we can even have 3-D models printed so that the actual final result can be very easily seen in the palm of your hand! Consultations including diagnostics are just £120, which is put towards treatment costs if taken up.

Important Information

Consultations including diagnostics are just £120, while treatments start from £800. Please click here to read our full price list. Get in touch with us today to book your appointment for orthodontic treatment or:

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