COVID-19 June 2021 : We are once again offering all treatments and maintaining normal hours. We have added some extra hygiene days to cope with demand. The entire Practice team has been fully vaccinated, we maintain the same high PPE level and screening procedures so you can be sure of a safe environment. We would like to thank all our patients for supporting us with the PPE procedure at the door, it has helped to keep the Practice COVID free since June 8, 2020!

Private Dental Services from Highly Qualified Dentists in Hendon, London

For a comprehensive range of excellent dental treatments from a respected private practice, look no further than Smiles & More in Hendon, London. With a wide selection of products available in stock from all of the leading brands, we have an understanding of what we will work for your individual needs. Our dentists and dental hygienists offer first-hand advice on the most suitable treatment for your requirements.

Types of Treatments

At Smiles & More, we cover all aspects of dental health for your convenience. Our treatments include:

  • Dental Examinations
  • Consultations 
  • Restorations (Composite, Gold, Amalgam Fillings, Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, and Bridges)
  • Appliances (Dentures, Mouth Guards, Night Guards, and Snore Guards)
  • Extractions (Simple and Surgical, with or without Sedation)
  • Root Canal Treatments (General and Specialist)
  • Implants (including Sinus Lifts If Needed)
  • Simple Orthodontics Using Clear Braces and Cosmetic Treatments (Veneers, Spacing, Teeth Whitening)
  • Hygiene Sessions to Maintain Oral Health

dentral treatments


Examinations are the basis of all treatment planning. We allow 30 minutes for new patients to be examined very thoroughly, with follow-on regular check-ups taking around 15 minutes. An examination checks the state of your oral health, including tests for oral lesions. X-rays are also taken if required and thoroughly discussed with you.

If further treatment is identified, a member of staff will discuss your situation with you, the likely causes, and remedial options, and also answer any questions before agreeing on a treatment plan. You will either leave with a copy of this plan or it will be posted to you, giving you enough time to make an informed decision.

Hygiene Sessions

As important as examinations are, we believe that prevention is equally important and encourage all patients to attend regular hygiene sessions. Our hygiene sessions take up to 30 minutes unless your dentist or hygienist identifies a particularly poor state of oral health. They carry out a thorough clean as well as giving dietary advice and demonstrating proper cleaning techniques for you to practise at home.

TV adverts about acid erosion, bad breath and/or bleeding gums have helped to raise public awareness, and recent medical studies have found that poor gum health is linked to heart disease. Our goal is to ensure that all patients enjoy healthy dentition well into old age.

Get in Touch

For further details about our other services, which include children’s dentistry and denture work, please call us and we will be more than happy to advise you. While our staff cannot diagnose over the telephone, they can explain all of the possibilities to you and give you the opportunity to make an appointment at our well-equipped clinic. It is not always possible to give you an exact price, however we do have a useful guide on costs to give you an idea.

You can also read our case studies to familiarise yourself with our research. You can also keep up to date with our clinic by reading our blog.

Contact our dental hygienists in Hendon, London, to learn more about a vast selection of dental treatments.