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Dental Implants of the Finest Quality Available in Hendon, London

Dental implants from Smiles & More in Hendon, London, are an excellent solution to give you that dazzling smile you desire. Implants refer to a technique that replaces missing teeth without making an impact on the adjacent teeth, and also allow for the use of dentures in a more dignified and secure manner. As part of our dental care, we have been providing implants in-house for many years and have a wealth of experience in the process.

Long-Lasting Implants

Over the years, implant technology has improved to the point where this option can be considered a normal and successful treatment with excellent longevity. Made from titanium, implants are biocompatible and allow bone to bond onto the surface, resulting in the most natural-looking tooth that can be produced by current technology.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Keeping up to date with the most recent studies, we utilise the Alpha-Bio Tec™ system that is part of the Nobel Biocare™ family. Our team who specialises in the use of this particular technology consists of our oral surgeon, Dr. Danny Temkin, one of the most experienced ‘implantologists’ currently working in the field, and our principal, Dr. Sonali Mehta, who is mentored by Dr. Danny Temkin and now fitting implants in other practices as well. Additionally, we are able to carry out sinus lifts and bone augmentation as needed to allow for successful and safe implant placement.



Fees start from £1000 for simple single placement, or from £900 each for multiple single-visit placements. We always use a CT (computed tomography) scan to make sure that the most detailed information is available for your dentist to assess placement options, safety margins, bone health, and any possible hidden defects. Our preferred CT scan centre is on Devonshire Place in the London W1 area. Scans, which start from £110, are yours to keep if you desire. You can browse our full price list here.

Treatment Details

Implant treatment is typically spread over 4 to 6 months to allow sufficient time for a strong osseointegration bond. This also means that payments can be spread out over this period, so please ask us during your consultation to give examples.

Finally, although the success of implant placement is in the high 90% range, it is not guaranteed. Some of the factors that affect its success include poor oral hygiene, smoking, alcohol, drug abuse, and medication such as bisphosphonates.

Nevertheless, as a mark of our confidence when offering implants as a feasible option, we will replace any failed implants within the first year for a nominal fee of £150. Book your appointment today.

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