COVID-19 : We are resuming normal treatment as swiftly as possible and are now booking appointments for routine examinations and hygiene sessions. In addition, we continue to offer remote triage over the telephone and using photos and video over smartphones. From late September, we will be returning to the full range of treatments for all patients under all schemes. Please be assured that our Practice is indeed a clean and safe place to receive any needed dental care!

Concentrating on Effective Oral Hygiene in Hendon, London

To achieve a great smile and a healthy, pain-free mouth, excellent oral hygiene is key. At our clinic in Hendon, London, we encourage you to keep up good oral hygiene habits and overall dental health at home as well as suggesting regular visits to our fully qualified hygienists at the practice.

Team of Professionals

The experienced hygienists at Smiles & More assess the condition of your mouth, explain the condition to you, and then cover a full thorough cleaning above and below the gum line. This is often known as scale and tartar removal, a subgingival cleaning, or root cleaning.

Following this, your hygienist will polish your teeth to achieve a nice smile and also explain any deficiencies in your cleaning techniques. They will then demonstrate an effective cleaning method and ensure that you are left with the correct tools needed to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Dental Care at Home

Smiles & More also stocks a wide range of hygiene products that have been chosen over the years for their cost-effectiveness and functionality. Your hygienist will then recommend suitable products to implement your specific care plan straight away.

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