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Dental Crowns and Bridge Work from a Team of Professionals in Hendon, London

Strengthen your teeth with the help of our dental clinic. Situated in Hendon, London, we boast a wealth of experience in covering all aspects of dental crowns and bridge work as well as caps. Materials can range from porcelain to ceramic and offer a range of aesthetic qualities over numerous price points.

Ultimate Protection

Crowns are usually brought in when the natural structure of the tooth can no longer sustain normal biting and chewing forces. The crown acts as a protecting cap or as enamel of the remaining tooth, and is made from high-quality porcelain and hand-finished to match the adjacent teeth.

Quality Guaranteed

All of our crown fittings are guaranteed for a year exactly from the initial installation date. However, the life of a crown can be up to many decades.

crown and bridge work

Superior Bridge Work

Bridge work is a complex restoration method used to replace missing teeth. As the word ‘bridge’ implies, dental bridge work requires a healthy tooth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth.

There are numerous advantages for having missing teeth replaced by bridge work as opposed to dentures or implants. As a low-maintenance restoration method, a well-designed bridge can last for many years.

Bridge work units and bridges themselves can be matched to the existing dentition, meaning that you are able to have a confident smile and excellent chewing function once again.

Please be aware that bridges require 2 weeks for the impression to be sent off to the lab and returned for fitting.

A Swift, Hassle-Free Process

Crowns and bridges are usually fitted over a time period of 2 weeks. However, we can often turn this around within just 1 day to meet your specific requirements. The impression that goes to the laboratory to be made would usually take 2 weeks, however the sped-up process involves a professional milling machine being brought into our practice for the CAD design and to manufacture the actual crown in front of you. Please note that this is available at an additional cost.

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