COVID-19 : We re-opened on June 8th and have very successfully implemented more stringent safety measures for patients and staff and we thank all our patients who attended, expressing the greatest confidence in our efforts. During June, we will be offering mostly urgent appointments for examinations, pain relief and some treatments. After June 29th, we anticipate offering our full range of treatments, subject to any restrictions imposed by the DoH.

Helping You to Relax with Dental Sedation Techniques Available in Hendon, London

For patients who feel more than usually nervous, or suffer anxiety over possible treatment, we are able to offer sedation. Nowadays the public is less nervous or anxious about going to the dentist as techniques have improved, the approach has moderated towards conserving natural dentition and tools are vastly better. Nevertheless, some people feel more than normally anxious and require sedation to have a stress-free dental treatment, or even to visit the dentist at all. Patients using sedation need to have companion arrangements in place as it is not possible to safely leave the Practice alone, or to be alone for some period of time.

2 Types of Sedation

The forms of sedation we offer (intravenous (IV) and oral) do not render the patient unconscious but instead generate a sense of distance, relaxation and well being that is detached from the present treatment. In very extreme cases, we would refer to hospital if general anaesthesia was needed as this is no longer permitted in general dental practices. We also would not offer IV sedation in the Practice for children.

Sedation is carried out approximately 20 to 30 minutes before the procedure and after the formalities of medical checks, consent and payment have been completed. The effects will last different lengths of time with different people, however there must be a chaperone to accompany the patient on the journey home and, in the case of IV sedation, keep company for at least 2 to 3 hours afterwards. It is not possible to return to work or to engage in any activity that needs alert mental and physical co-ordination.


Prices range from £60 per dose for oral sedation and from £300 per hour for IV sedation carried out by a trained and qualified anaesthetist.

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